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Friends talking about food: Vera Chok

Here is Vera on a Sunday morning - "This is the way I sound" - the lovely tones of her voice capture us all, so take ten minuets to listen, it will change your day.

Vera Chok is an actor, writer and performance maker. She makes work which draws on theatrical practices and her background in anthropology. Spaces are created and collage employed to test connection and miscommunication and the duration of each.

Solo performances include work for Tempting Failure Festival, Live Art Speed Date, Nathan Evans’ I Love You But…, Fanny Peculiar’s Hellfire Club, Anti-Slam, and Mary Bijou Cabaret. Vera is part of the National Theatre company, and has appeared in the West End, and in TV, films and radio.

Vera founded saltpeter, an experimental theatre company, and The Brautigan Book Club, an international creative society, and produced far-reaching projects to instigate long-term positive change in the areas of diversity, literacy, and artistic expression.

Vera is performing on Wednesday 5 August, with us at Barge Bar, Maltby Street Market.

Vera answered my question "what is 'home' & 'food' to you?"

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