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The project, about us...

We are working towards debuting our one-woman show about home, nostalgia and belonging, in Malaysia, in Janurary 2016. In the meantime we will be hosting food themed performance nights in London as a way to develop the show, but also, as a way to connect with other writers, performers, artists who explore food in thier work. We'll do snippets of our work in progress and invite other's to perform. They will be nights of fun, feasting and stories.

The first night will be on Wednesday 5 August, at the exciting new Barge Bar!

Don’t sing in the kitchen, or you'll marry an old man is a play created in collaboration with writer/producer Anna Sulan Masing and actress Safiah Durrah - as Malaysians, it will be is a very special opportunity to be returning home with this show.

The audience will be taken on a journey with the protagonist, Dayang, as she discovers what home means, and how she creates a place to belong in her adopted home of London.

Quintessential Malaysian girl Dayang moved to London 5 years ago, madly in love with a blond haired, blue-eyed boy from Kent. Homesick and craving her mother's food she set up a Malaysian street food stall in Broadway Market. Business boomed and she is now a regular on the London Market scene.

This play takes place in London on a Thursday lunchtime as she cooks and serves her daily regulars. It is a month before Dayang turns 30 and this week she needs to signs the final papers of her divorce; and so she starts to question her life, her choices, and what she left behind.

Through cooking for her regulars Dayang learns about her own strengths, her ability to not only survive, but to succeed in her new home of London. She discovers who she is and who she has always been – a woman capable of great love and wonderful friendship.

Set design is being created by the wonderful British designer Nik Corrall. The development of the play is being mentored by theatre director Lucy Richardson, and stage managed by Catherine Kirk.


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